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Mapuploader 4

Create your own maps and see them on Garmins' Basecamp or Mapsource!

Create your own maps and view them on your Garmin GPS device!

mapuploader4 creating a Garmin map
Dark Blue :   Tiles created
Orange :   Current Tile being processed

How to create your own FREE Garmin Map in 7 Easy Steps

  • Download openstreetmap data ( pbf) from Geofabrik
  • Open file in mapuploader4
  • Click Create Map
  • (You need Basecamp , java & mkgmap , all free)
 (scanned with Kaspersky , Avast & MalwareBytes) Windows 7/10
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Download with NO JUNK to untick!
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 Download Mapuploader4.894.setup ( includes mapnik65001.TYP)
You may have to refresh this page to see latest version

Download Manual for Mapuploader4.89

Yes! You can now create OSM based maps with DEM support (hill shading) - see more

Next Mapuploader4 will include a plugin to create DEM maps.

Check your TYP file

  • Only Mapuploader4 can check which elements in your TYP file are not used in your style sheets! . Just click the green cross icon
  • Check which items should or should not appear on your overview map : Click Resolution button and check for any items with resolution < 18!

What's NEW?

  • Lock and unlock Map IDs, FIDs
  • Check possible conflict of IDs on your Garmin device.
  • Profiles (CTRL P) enable you to quickly move from one style/TYP/ option to another!
  • This is handy when you are producing different maps with different styles,TYP files and options (contours)
  • Up to 9 profiles are available.
  • Add key settings, routable, transparent,priority values etc to profiles

Windows 10 and Mapuploader4

Mapuploader portable works on W10 but needs permissions only when adding maps to Basecamp/Mapsource: not when creating a map for your GPS device (gmapsupp.img)

1) Ensure Basecamp or Mapsource exist on your PC

2) Locate.reg file found in the folder which Mapuploader creates in a folder named after the your map, ie /mymap/mymap.reg.

3) Right Click on .reg file and run as administrator.

4) Check map target folder: c:\garmin\maps

5) Go Tools --> Create NSIS Window Installer and double click on the .exe when created

More Documentation

  Tricks with Styles (PDF) More Tricks & Styles
  default.typ for mkgmap's default style TIPS & TRICKs 4

 os50 style + address searches & os50.TYP

Youtube Tutorials


Initially , Mapuploader may be unable to write to the register when uploading maps to Basecamp or Mapsource.

Use the following procedure - this needs to be done once only:

1) Set Map Target Directory to c:\garmin\maps

2) Download and install makensis.exe

3) In Settings --> All Settings --> Key Software point to 'makensis.exe' on your harddrive.

4) Create a map in mapuploader

5) Go Tools --> Create NSIS Window Installer

This may take a minute then click on 'Output Dir' and find the <name of map>.exe it has created - for icon see right.

6) Double Click to add map to register.

Mapuploader 5

1) Add DEM to all your maps

2) Add high resolution contours (1 arc) to your maps

3) Coming February 2018 - anyone with a valid Mapuploader4 licence qualifies for this stunning update

4) More Information

Can't Authenticate maps . Contact content seller for help

You may get message 'Can't Authenticate maps .Contact content seller for help' on

  • GPS Maps 64 series
  • Etrex 20x / 30x (not "etrex 30")
  • Etrex Touch series
  • Some new nuvi models

This happens if a gmapsupp has been created using the option --unicode.

It does not affect maps created using Mapuploader as long as you don't add the unicode option.

How to create a gmapsupp with Greek,Arabic,Russian etc characters and not use the -unicode option

This only applies to codepages 1250 - 1258 - see why

You can use a TYP file to show Greek,Arabic,Hebrew,Russian,Polish,Czech.

For the sake of convenience use codepage 65001 which incorporates all other codepages.