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An Advanced TDB Editor for Garmin's Mapsource/Basecamp
tdb editor 1.1
All IMG files contained in a locked TOPO
 (scanned with Kaspersky , Avast & MalwareBytes)  
Simple Download with NO JUNK to untick!  
 Download TDB Editor 2.1 (W10 compatible) Windows 7/10
click here

 Download TDB Editor 2.1 portable

 Download TDB Editor manual
  • Unzip Torquay.zip
  • click install.bat to in stall map in Mapsource / Basecamp
  • Open torquay.tdb and explore
  • TDB Editor lists tdb files used by Mapsource for easy loading & editing.
  • Free version allows you to test out TDB Editor on a lockable map of Torquay .
  • See the effect of unlocking or locking a map, adding or removing printing options etc etc


All Mapsource & Basecamp maps are controlled by a .tdb file..

How do I find a tdb file?

  1. From Main Menu go
    Tools --> Get tdb from Mapsource
    to show all tdb files

  2. Select a tdb file


How to lock maps, disable printing, reduce a map window
Editing Printing Options   With Map Window

How to ...

  1. restore Mapsource when it crashes
  2. rename any mapsource/basecamp name
  3. change mapnames so they are easier to read on your gps
  4. Lock & Unlock all your maps
  5. Unlock TOPO maps on Mapsource/Basecamp only
  6. add/remove routable option
  7. force direct routing when it doesn't work
  8. add/remove profile option.
  9. add or edit copyright description when creating your own maps
  10. create or remove 'Reduced map window for printing' and other (printing or viewing) messages
  11. disable any form of printing.
  12. add or resize Restricted Window View
  13. quickly identify & edit mapnames, useful when you want to isolate a particular IMG file.
  14. nvestigate various byte streams and explore the properties of many important but as yet unknown bytes. You cannot do this with a hex editor as all data has to be recompiled!
  15. Add your own copy right message
  16. Edit map overview properties.
  17. Resize Map Window


  Free   £8
Save tdb file  
mapsource name    
map names 2 only  
edit profile option  
edit routable option    
edit dem option    
Change TDB version    
Edit Codepage  
change FID PID  
Add / remove printing    
Add / remove Locking    
Create Map Window    
Resize Map Window    
Edit Latitude & Longitude Limits    
Edit copyright    
Edit Overview Properties    
Edit Map blocks    
Edit Key Block & explore unknown bytes    
Ready for any new tdb version