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TYPWiz5 and DEM

We can now create amazing 3D Garmin compatible maps and export them onto a GPS device

How can I add my own colours (TYP file) to my (3D) Garmin maps?

No TYP file
With NEW TYP file
  • We used img2typ to create a TYP file.
  • In TYPWiz5 go Tools,TYP files from Basecamp/Mapsource
  • Click the 'Reload ... TYP' button and reload Basecamp/Mapsource!
How can I change my map's TYP file? How can I quickly add an extra language?
  • Go Tools ,TYP files from Basecamp/Mapsource
  • Select your map and click 'OPEN TYP'
  • Make changes then Tools,TYP files from Basecamp/Mapsource
  • Click the 'Replace ... TYP' button and reload Basecamp/Mapsource
How can I make my active routing lines
bigger or change their colours?
How can I make my NUVI/ZUMO icons bigger or change their colours?
How can I make my TOPO active routing lines stand out? How can I convert any map to say black and white and highlight the lines/pois I really need?
  • Convert your map to shades of grey or any palette then add colour to only what you want !
  • Image shows part of a new look TOPO France 4 with only cycling routes highlighted in blue.
How can I copy or delete multiple icons?

  • Use Shift or CTRL Click to select icons
  • Right Click and select Copy or Delete
  • Paste selection into a new TYP file
MY Map! How Can I change my existing map and only show what I want?
  • There has been a big trend towards changing the colours of Garmin's Navigator maps using our Map Theme Maker.
  • We therefore took the TYP file of a popular Openfietsmap map and quickly converted it to Black & White using 'Colour,Convert to Black & White'
  • We then gave cycle paths , cycle routes and a few POIs a red colour .
How can I optimise icons for my Forerunner, Fenix , Quatix, D2 & other devices with limited Colour Palettes? How can I create a TYP file from my mkgmap style files?

Download Latest TYPWiz 5 portable  5.82


Download Latest TYPWiz 5 setup  5.82

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Check out these TYP files

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TYPWIz5 Manuals

Download TYPWiz5 Unicode manual

Download TYPWiz5 manual 5

A Quick PDF GUIDE to TYPWiz 3 & 4/5    How to get Multi Coloured Polygons
Guide to Garmin's Color Palettes & XPM
 (colormodes and XPM code)
  TOP TIPS for creating TYP files
How to Edit TOPO files - TOPO France V3   in Google French - TOPO France V3
More information on TOPO France V4    
TYPwiz4/5 & Active Routing   nuvi.typ
TYPWiz4/5 & EXTRA POIS   Flags.TYP

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