OSM Tools

Multi Coloured Lines

CTRL click 3 lines and edit pattern,colour and height   Green route splits from Brown & Orange route

Garmin has restricted the line bitmaps to only 2 colours. This can be quite limiting .

Many non Garmin  satnavs allow for more colours to give their lines depth or a 'shine'.

If you are able to customize your maps, or can create your own maps using mkgmap or cgpsmapper you can create the same effect by overlapping lines.
Unfortunately, this can be very tricky, unless you can clearly envisage your image.

TYPWiz5 enables you to select up to 5 lines so they overlap in the editor. This gives you a palette of 6 colours, always one more than you select.

  tree rows
For more information see latest TYPWiz5 Manual (p46)    

Line draworder

For more information on line draworder in mapsource click here;