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Uploading OSM files to Mapsource using 'MapUploader3'

Mapuploader 4


Mapuploader 4 has been designed to facilitate many of the processes required to upload an OSM map to Basecamp.


From Mapinstall (free) you can upload it to your Garmin GPS.


There are 5 steps to follow:


1) Locate an OSM map.


The program creates a unique mapname so Basecamp won't be confused.


2) Select your Style.


Styles determine which POIs , highways or polygons will me rendered in Basecamp.


3) Select a unique Family ID .

You can skip this stage as the program allocates a unique ID required by Mapsource.


4) Click create img to create the mapname img.


5) Upload to Basecamp


See Youtube Video



Check out Mapuploader 4...